Part of what buoys the production up are some of the excellent performances. Allston’s Proctor tears into that gorgeous outrage and flowing language with both hands... [The] production will still raise the hair on your arm and draw you in.
— Richard Sanford - Columbus Underground
Compelling performances from seniors Connor Allston as John Proctor and Maddy Loehr as his wife Elizabeth provide this show with its heart and soul. Their passion, commitment, and strong expressions in many emotions, take the audience on a roller coaster ride... The whirlwinds of emotional turmoil subside for a moment when Elizabeth and John say their tender good-byes. This scene had me blinking back tears... Otterbein’s current offering does a masterful job of delivering the power and punch of what it means to become embroiled in the mindless reactiveness of an hysterical mass-consciousness.
— Betty Peters - "The Betty Blog"