Weathervane Playhouse
Jekyll & Hyde
Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
A Flea In Her Ear
The Music Man

Otterbein Summer Theatre
The Nerd
The All Night Strut!

Otterbein University
The Crucible
Fiddler on the Roof
The Full Monty
Into The Woods
Sweet Charity

Dance Concert: "Famously Yours... Forever"



Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Sherlock Holmes
Romain Tournel
The Quartet (1st Tenor)

Axel Hammond
The Tenor

John Proctor
Roger Davis
Aaron Fox
Jerry Lukowski
Rapunzel's Prince
Humphrey Bogart


      ***See Special Skills on Full Resume***


Adam Karsten/Kevin Wines
Joe Bishara
Tim Browning
Kevin Connell/Kevin Wines

Melissa Lusher
Chris Kirk/Dennis Davenport

Melissa Lusher
Melissa Lusher/Lori Kay Harvey
Lenny Leibowitz/Lori Kay Harvey
Lenny Leibowitz/Lori Kay Harvey
David Caldwell/Lori Kay Harvey
Lenny Leibowitz/Lori Kay Harvey
Chris Kirk/Lori Kay Harvey
Stella Hiatt Kane