Photos by Karl Kuntz and Evan Moore-Coll

Sent to me following opening night of RENT in Fall of 2015 through Jim Schilling and Kevin Connors of Musical Theatre Connecticut.

Connor Allston’s ‘Roger’ is phenomenal, maybe the best singing in a very strong cast and his desperate attempts to hide his fragility and the outpouring when he cracks, are heartbreaking and uncomfortable to watch.
— Richard Sanford - Columbus Underground
Roger often comes across as a very flat character. Allston gives Roger a biting sense of sarcasm as the singer rediscovers his spark after reluctantly falling for Mimi (played by Monica Brown), a dancer with inner demons of her own. Brown and Allston create a chemistry that is both intoxicating and toxic as the two fall in, out and in love again through the show.
— Paul Batterson - Broadway World