Photos by Karl Kuntz

Each one of the performers of THE ALL NIGHT STRUT got their turn in the spotlight. Allston lent his solid tenor voice to ‘A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square’... The show was at its best when all four harmonized together on pieces ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’ and ‘I Get Ideas’... While they may not have grown up listening to this music, Allston, Prenevost, J.T. Wood and Morgan Wood captured it perfectly and brought it back to life.
— Paul Batterson - Broadway World
Experienced individually, many of the 29 songs or pieces of songs sparkle, and the singers have a relaxed ease as they play off each other, whether they’re harmonizing or taking the spotlight one at a time... Connor Allston displays a playful sophistication that suits a number like ‘A Fine Romance’...
— Margaret Quamme - The Columbus Dispatch