Sunny Day in Central Park

Hi guys,

So the weather has been really back and forth here in NYC recently, but I think we are finally going to see sunny, warm Spring days more often!  And I really hope I didn't just curse it by saying that... but anyway!

While I have been to Central Park to walk around before, no day has been as nice as this so far, so Marissa and I got dressed for the warm weather and made stops in both Washington Square Park and Central Park and took photo some photos so we could (1) remember this beautiful day and (2) prove it to you guys that we went!  See said pictures of our adventure below:

Also, I've officially been living in the city for 3. Whole. Months.  Like what?!  That's crazy -- does this mean i'm not a tourist anymore?  But in all seriousness, I am full-fledge New Yorker now, and my job as a professional actor couldn't be more real and daunting, but I'm up to the challenge!

Still much, much more to come.  Much love to you all!