NYC Week 6: Potential Jobs!

Hey y'all..!

... That didn't work. I'm not from the south. I'm painfully Midwestern...

Hi again guys!

This week, I had my first interview for a job in the city - it was for the American Eagle in Times Square.  It went over pretty well all things considered: They had me fill out all of my info and availability, and even gave me a 2nd interview date coming up tomorrow... so wish me luck!  I mean, if I get this job, I get to say that I work in THE HEART OF TIMES SQUARE... and, you know, I also get a discount on AE's fantastic men's underwear.

I also had my first audition in the city on Sunday for Magnet Theater's "10 Minute Play Festival"!  
I had the chance to meet up with my classmates Steven and Evan, and their friend Doug, who all also had auditions that day.  They are a great and very supportive group of guys - go look em up ;)

Evan, Doug, Me, and Steven (from left to right) at the Magnet Theater auditions.

I also got the chance to see Paramour with Marissa at the Lyric Theater, compliments of Asel and her comp tickets from Telsey & Co.  It was a great show that took all the great parts of a cheesy musical and all the great parts of the spectacle of being at a Cirque Du Soleil show, and mashed them together to create a wonderful night out.  We even rode the 1 Train home with the lead and got to talk to him about the show and what we were doing in NYC!

The Lyric Theater Stage at the start of Paramour.