NYC Weeks 3 - 5, Part 3: Walking over Bridges, Dancing Through Life

Yay! We made it Part 3 -- now time to wrap this up:

Today, on this beautiful 60+ degree day, Marissa graciously accepted to come walk the Brooklyn Bridge with me!  And although there were a lot of people, and some mean bikers, it didn't seem like anything compared to how perfect a day it was.  We made it all the way across and back this afternoon all before the sun went down, and how it certainly tired us out!  We couldn't be gone long of course, because we had to get back to Louna, but how happy I am that we did that today, and I hope so much that this warm weather stays!

In other news, I've got an interview coming up on Thursday for the American Eagle in Times Square, so I might be on my way to getting my first "survival" job in the city!  And with Showcase 5 weeks away, I am gearing up and preparing myself as much as I can -- I have a vocal lesson with Matt Farnsworth (Broadway-renouned voice teacher) coming up at the end of March right before Showcase, and I'm going to home to unwind and get away from the craziness of the city for a little bit a week before that...

So many things are happening in my life in the big city, and with that being said, I promise I will be better with updating this blog.  Many more exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

"Woes are fleeting, blows are glancing, when you're dancing through life..."