NYC Week 2 - Broadway Shows With Fellow Otters!

Hi guys!

I finally went to go see my good friend, Jordan Donica as Raoul in Phantom on Broadway!  I shadowed him when I originally visited Otterbein my senior year of high school, and he has been an inspiration, director, and brother and fellow Prince (cough *Into The Woods* cough), to me in my time at Otterbein - his performance blew me away.  I wish him all the best as he joins the 1st touring cast of Hamilton as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson!

Jordan and I on the Majestic Theater stage.

I also got the chance to attend On Your Feet! with my classmate, Asel Swango -- compliments of Telsey & Co., where Asel is doing her internship!  The show was SO much fun, and we waited outside the stage door in the cold for autographs and actor tips; we even got to see Corbin Bleu and awkwardly said hi!

Asel and I in the Marquis Theater!