The Crucible Catch-Up & Monthly Update

Happy November everyone!

The Crucible finished at the end of October and I could not have been happier with the way it made an impact on so many people; we had 8 performances for audiences ranging from high school students to senior citizens and it seemed like it had the same profound effect on all of them.  Playing John Proctor was such an emotional journey and performing the show in its entirety had me in tears night after night, especially closing night when the reality of "this is my last performance on an Otterbein stage" hit me like a ton of bricks - me and the four other members of my class in the show huddled together to seek comfort in that moment that was simultaneously heart-wrenching and incredibly beautiful, to know that these people I have been with for almost four years were there for me, and that they always will be.  Eventually, the tears subsided.

One phrase at the end of the song we used to close The Crucible still has stuck with me: "We have a chance to make a difference 'till our dying day."  These words gave me the motivation to go out and vote during this election process so that I could make difference, not matter how small, in the decision of who will lead our nation.  Although the outcome of this decision was less than desirable for me and a lot of others in the theatre, we will go on, we will survive, and we will love - "Love is love is love is love is love", nothing anyone can do will change that.

Go out and spread happiness, acceptance, and love; the world needs it now more than ever.