Happy October!

Hey there guys!

So it's the first day of my favorite month, and I could not be more excited looking to the future:
We have our first full run of The Crucible today for part of the faculty, my Showcase songs and cuts are approved and solidified, and Otterbein's campus is popping with alumni and Homecoming activities - not mention this is my last Homecoming here as a student...

It's 30 days until Halloween, 64 days until my class' The Launch and the end of my last semester here, and a little over 90 days until I'm a resident of New York, New York... time is going by too fast. It seemed like only yesterday when I was a freshman spending my first fall at Otterbein, and my senior year seemed so far away; now we're here, and we're on our way.

"Look at where we are; look at where we started. The fact that we're alive is a miracle."